Weber Fire Pit Review

Review: Weber Fire Pit

Extend your summer evenings with a Weber Fireplace

With this Weber Fireplace, you are given the gift of time. Party and socialize well into the night with help from the light, heat & atmosphere this ideal center-piece generates and be the envy of your friends this summer. You will be hard-pushed to find another quality fire pit of this standard at this price. As it can be compacted down, the Weber Fireplace can even be transported for camping trips for authentic campfires without leaving a trace of it the next day!

Constructed from the same materials as their famous kettle barbecues like the Weber Summit, this firepit will withstand the substantial heat changes that it will have to endure throughout its life and because it is porcelain-enameled, it won’t suffer problems such as paint flaking off, rusting etc that other cheaper barbecues and fireplaces often suffer. Of course, whats the point in the body resisting rust if the other parts are just gonna go ahead and degrade after a year? Don’t worry your little head about it, Weber have you covered.

The legs, heat deflector and handles are all stainless steel with a rust resistant black coating meaning this little beauty will be happy to serve for many years. In the unlikely event of the elements getting to it before the two-year warranty period is up, just call up the lovely folks at the award-winning Weber customer services department and they will quickly sort any problems you may have. Win-Win!

The lid and stainless steel lid frame are detachable (used for smothering the fire when finished) meaning that you can just use the fire pit as a standard fire ring throwing out more light when there is little wind. However, the main advantage to using is as intended. The lid is designed to direct heat downwards and out towards those sitting around it instead of being lost upwards.

PLUS, as of 2020 – and much to the delight of existing Weber Fireplace customers – they have introduced a premium logo’ed made-to-measure weather cover to keep it looking great and in tip-top working condition. There’s nothing quite as off-putting as an oversized ash tray filled with newly-deposited rain water from the night before. Gone are those days with this cover!

The joys of an outdoor fireplace

First there were barbecues and grilling pits. Then came comfy furniture in the form of armchairs and sofas designed specifically for outdoor and conservatory use. These were quickly complimented with outdoor lighting solutions. More recently, for the bigger spenders among us, outdoor kitchen units have become more mainstream. Continuing with this theme, outdoor fireplaces are making a big impact in the garden entertaining and al-fresco dining arenas. All of these are ensuring that we are spending more quality time in our own gardens and outdoor living areas without forking huge sums on expensive bespoke set-ups.

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits add a whole new dimension to dining al-fresco or outdoor entertaining. No longer will you need to head inside when it dusk sets in, and no longer will you have to worry about your guests being chilly. You will experience a heightened desire to stay out longer and more often, taking family meals outside or just relaxing with a glass of wine with your other half in the comfort and privacy of your own back garden or yard – of course, enjoying a relaxing evening in the garden will no longer just be limited to the summer months either!

In addition to bringing life and warmth to your garden, fire places also have the practical use of burning excess garden waste & combustible rubbish rather than filling up landfill sites.

Outdoor fireplaces come in two forms; a permanent fixture (possibly set into a wall or a decorative stone structure) or a semi-transportable free-standing firepit or chimney.

The Weber Fire Place Construction

  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl
  • Available color: black
  • 29.5inch (70cm) diameter base
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • No-rust aluminum heat shield & steel support legs
  • Two bamboo wood handles
  • 2 year limited warranty

Grill Dimensions

  1. Height: 32.125 inches
  2. Width: 31 inches
  3. Depth: 28 inches

Weber Fireplace Tips & Warnings

  • Fill the bottom of the fire pit with and inch or two of sand to help insulate and protect the bottom
  • Always use the lid to extinguish the fire (use protective gloves as fire pit gets hot). Using water could crack the porcelain finish. The contents will remain hot for a long while so cover with lid until cold.
  • DO NOT use indoors! Smoke produced can be lethal…and not to mention stink out the sofas!
  • Avoid use on a wooden deck as heat emanating from the bottom could ruin surface and embers could, in the worst case scenario, set fire to the decking. Brick, concrete and stone surfaces are ideal.
  • Not to be used by children, and pets should be kept away at all times during use.
  • Be aware that after use, even the handles may be hot so it is a good idea to use mitts or barbecue gloves when handling any part to extinguish the flames.
  • Try not to overload as it will be hard to extinguish if the lid cannot properly smother the fire. Using soft woods such as pine or cedar may pop and throw sparks so avoid these if possible. Special firewood is available at hardware/gardening stores.