Is Your Roofing Contractor a Con Man?

Is Your Roofing Contractor a Con Man? Red Flags & Warning Signs

When it is time to replace or repair the roof of your home then you need to find the top residential roofing contractor for the money.

Unfortunately all roofing contractors are not the same, and besides the basic differences there is a chance that you will need to weed out at least one con man in the crowd.

There are some red flags that will alert you to a shady contractor and these warnings can save you money and time as well as keep those frustrations at bay.

Contact Info

A reputable residential roofing business will have a permanent address and more than one telephone number. Make sure that you are able to get a home and business address as well as home and work phone numbers from any individual who claims to be a professional roofing contractor.

Do not accept this information at face value. Be sure to follow up by thoroughly checking up on the information you are provided.

Lack of Professional Credentials

Check with the Better Business Bureau or professional contractor’s associations in your area to determine the validity of the roofing contractors with whom you are negotiating. Most roofing businesses will be known to one or more of these organizations.

No License

One of the key tipoffs is a lack of appropriate licensing. Con men and shady residential roofing contractors may come up with excuses but they will not be able to show you a valid contractor’s license.

Check the Insurance

Residential roofing contractors who are honest will be able to verify that they have insurance coverage. Never hire anyone who is merely promising to ‘get the necessary insurance’. Demand that these professional overages be in effect beforehand.

Refusal to Answer Detailed Questions

If the contractor is hesitant or refusing to fully answer your questions about this roofing project you should be wary of their intentions.

A reputable contractor will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Bids that are Too Good to Believe

If a residential roofing contractor is bidding and the price they quote is far lower than any other estimates this is a major red flag.

While everyone wants to save money the quotes for a residential roofing renovation should all be in the same ballpark. If one bid is thousands of dollars less than any others on the board you should investigate thoroughly before just blindly accepting the bid. In almost every instance an offer that is too good to believe-is just that-unbelievalbe.

Lack of References

This is another tipoff that should have you doubting the professionalism of a potential residential roofing company. A reputable contractor will be able to furnish you with at least a few references that can be checked out and verified.

Dancing around a Written Contract

Con men will try to tempt you with the promise of low cost and speedy service.

However they will usually be reluctant to sign a formal contract that legally binds them to complete the work as promised. If you notice any reluctance to enter into a work contract you should drop the residential roofing contractor immediately, just as you would drop a ‘hot baked potato’.

Inflexible Demands

Some of the less reputable individuals in the construction industry will be very inflexible on certain demands. They may insist on handling all of the material purchases and refuse to consider other options. These individuals may also demand large amounts of money for the job ahead of time. Some will insist you pay all of the costs before they even start the job.

The Instant Sealing Offer

One of the oldest con games in the business is the offer of a roof sealant. Generally these individuals will come to your door and state they have some roofing sealant left over from another job. They will offer to cover your roof for a very cheap price.

This is one time when you do not even have to consider the decision-Just say No.

There are some types of sealants that can be used on residential roofing projects but this is not what these shady folks are trying to sell you.