Keep your House Cool in Summer

Ten Great Ideas to Keep your House Cool in Summer

Summer is around the corner in the southern hemisphere and you can see the danger signs already – massive heat and even more massive cooling bills. Air-conditioners need to be switched on at all times and escaping the heat seems impossible. However, there are ways to keep your cool without actually blowing the top off the electricity bill.

Here’s a look at some innovative ways to make sure that this summer, you can keep the heat down inside your homes:

Shady Dealings

One of the primary reasons why your home might heat up is due to sunlight that enters your home and heats up the insides. Glass windows trap heat so while they’re letting in all the energy, they aren’t letting much out. The easiest way to reduce your cooling bills is to keep the East & West windows and doors well covered.

Put thick blinds or dark curtains that don’t let sunlight stream in. Sure, it might be dark indoors but “dark” is better than “sweltering”.

You can even give reflective window screens a go although they might be a bit more tedious to install and remove as required!

Go Green

Trees make the air cooler, whether inside or outside the home. If you are looking to get some nice cool breeze flowing through, surround your house with thick trees that cover the sides. Not only do you benefit from the shade, but the air gets humidity sucked out of it as it passes through onto your home. Plant them all around but if you don’t want sultry winters, keep them out of the southern sides.

Plant vines that grow along your walls because grass on the roof and vine on a wall does a lot more to cool your home than you’d imagine.

Keep a Cool Head

The roof of your home is hammered with direct sunshine almost throughout the day. Give it a coat of reflective paint or just paint it white to reflect some of that sunshine-fury. If you’ve got a single-storey home or live right under the roof, you’ll thank us for this bit of advice.


Now you might think that insulating the home, in summers, will make it stuffy and hot! The truth is, insulation is meant to keep cool air from escaping. If you have already cooled the home’s interiors using other techniques, or even an air-conditioner, you don’t want that cool air to escape to the hot outdoors.

Just make sure that you’ve caulked up all nooks & corners and that your home is completely safe and secure. Insulating is also a great way to get your home ready for winter. Winterize My Life has a ton of tips on doing that as well. So check it out.


Okay, now on one hand we ask you to insulate your home and then, straight after that, we ask you to ventilate? Yes, that is absolutely right because early mornings and evenings are the time when the sun’s heat becomes more bearable.

Once the outside temperature becomes cooler, it makes more sense to remove those blinds, open those windows and ensure that air circulates through your home. This is a good time to make sure that those fans are running too!

Speaking of Fans

Keep your House CoolCeiling fans are rarely found in modern homes because air-conditioning seems to have taken over. However, the problem with air-conditioning is that it takes much longer to circulate the air than the average ceiling fan.

When you’re opening your home to the cool air outside, these ceiling fans aid circulation and make things cooler, quicker. They come in some really interesting designs so you’re sure to find something that suits your home’s interiors. Add one of the best HEPA air purifiers and you have the leanest cool air in the neighborhood.

Have a Barbecue!

In ancient and medieval times, summer cooking was always done outdoors – in summer kitchens. Cooking inside did just one thing – raise the temperature of the entire house. Even in kitchens where ventilation is abundant, cooking hot food can unnecessarily raise the temperatures and prevent your home from cooling down.

Hang outside your home, have a barbecue and cool down with a beer because inside, you might just burn the house down!

Attic Fans

Along with your ceiling fan, the home’s attic aides ventilation too! By merely installing an attic fan, you can begin circulating the air in your home using these wonderful fans. Just switch them on and watch them suck air in through the windows and out the attic – cool air blowing through and the home’s suddenly looking much better!

Turn off the Light

Okay, now this isn’t really to save on the electricity bill only – it is to prevent overheating as well. It is a known fact that all light bulbs and tubes generate heat. While fluorescents are cooler than incandescent bulbs, they are still generating heat when switched on.

If you aren’t sitting in the room or if there’s enough natural light to do your thing or your guests are okay, turn them off! Every drop of heat adds to that ocean of warmth you don’t need!

Leave Laundry for Later

Laundry, during the day, is a sure-fire way of increasing humidity in the home. The clothes dryer generates a large amount of heat and the wet clothes, themselves, are prime candidates for increasing humidity. Dry your clothes outside, on a drying line, if you can prevent them from burning up under the Sun.

Just following these few small tips can help you reduce the temperature in your home. Make sure that you remain cool and calm yourself and if the regular bath or cool drink doesn’t bring your temperature down, look at your cat and do what they do – sleep!