Dishwasher Dimensions

Standard Dishwasher Dimensions – Why You Need to Know About Sizes

When buying a new dishwasher seems exciting but if you follow these step then things get even more better. Most people hurry this process and later regret that they should have read this before ordering a dishwasher. Hope you don’t do the same mistake like others did, be smart learn from others mistakes.I would like to ask you a simple question how do you choose your dishwasher?

Let me guess, you go to a local store near to you or book it online right. Yes, this is what majority of the people usually do and this is where they go wrong. You might ask me what’s wrong with this. Folks there is one important step that you are missing here “dishwasher dimensions”.

Before even getting one home, you have to first decide where you are going to put this machine. Then analyze whether the place is spacious enough for the dishwasher and also electrical connections and a sink should be closer to this space. After identifying a suitable place, measure the width, height and depth of the place selected, this is important – why?

What if the newly bought dishwasher doesn’t fit into your kitchen, does it sound good (No right). Nobody likes to have problems while installation. Now I guess, you understand how important dishwasher dimensions are. Below is small pictorial representation of the standard dimensions that is height, width and depth, take a look.
dishwasher dimensions
Generally in the market today, we have dishwashers that come in standard dimension or sizes. And the most common ones are 24 inches and 18 inches, this is the width. The dishwasher sizes are often classified based on the width. If the kitchen is spacious enough then a 24 inch would be a good option to consider. Or else an 18 inch small dishwasher would also do the same work occupying lesser kitchen space. The only major difference is the load capacity, bigger dishwashers can handle more load and smaller ones little lesser.

Note this when you see a product listing with dimensions (for example) that says 34″ x 24″ x 23″ this is nothing but height * width * depth. So before picking a dishwasher make a note of the measurements in your kitchen where the dishwasher will be placed and then choose a product that is within this dimension.

This also counts for portable dishwashers as well. You’ll still need enough space, even if it doesn’t fit where you’d like it, you still have the option to move it around. But it would be great if you knew your limitations beforehand.

Did I forget to mention the entrance to the kitchen or into your house also has to be measured and considered before buying a dishwasher, so that the product could be easily brought inside without much frustration on your side.