Carpet Cleaning Spills

Five Essential Carpet Cleaning Steps to Deal With Spills

The moment a glass topples over and liquid goes pouring everywhere, it’s a huge catastrophe.  In a blind panic, you reach for the nearest towel-like object and lunge at the spill, already imagining the stain that’s going to set in and remind you of this moment forever.

carpet stainsBut this is not the way to do your carpet cleaning; take a deep breath and remain calm.  Take control of the situation and you’ll erase that stain well before it causes trouble.  Here are some cleaning tips that will help keep stop stains setting in:

Act Fast

Don’t wait for things to get out of hand.  The first rule of Spill Control is to stop it from spreading further on your carpet.  Use whatever’s handy to try and contain the spill.  Once it’s under control, look for a cloth and get to work on it.

Use a White Cloth And Water

The best way to stop a spill from turning into a stain is to use a white cloth and water.  It depends on what spilled (wine, coffee or other colored liquids will need special attention), but most things can be cleaned up with water.  You should use a white cloth because there’s a chance that a colored cloth could further stain the area, depending on the type of carpet.

Don’t Wipe – Dab

Your first instinct with carpet cleaning is going to be to scrub the heck out of that carpet to try to beat it into submission.  But this will actually make it much worse.  When you scrub, you’re actually spreading the stain around and making it bigger.  Instead, take your wet white cloth and dab at the stained area.  Hit it gently and don’t get it soaking wet.

Let It Dry

Once you’ve dabbed and things appear to be under control, let the area of carpet dry out.  You can leave paper towels sitting on it or even put a fan on it.  A fan blowing air will dry it out quickly.  Once it starts drying, check up on it in a little while and make sure there’s not stain left, otherwise repeat the earlier steps.

Make A Reference Sheet

These cleaning tips are for spills of liquids that are not known to cause terrible stains.  If you spill something that will stain for sure, like wine, tomato soup, juice, blood, vomit or urine, you’ll need something stronger than water.  There are different recipes for getting rid of these difficult stains, and the scope goes beyond this article on carpet cleaning.  But if you don’t know how to take care of these tough ones, you might want to make a list of things that could be spilled (hopefully blood won’t be on it!) and put it somewhere where you can refer to it if needed.  Unless you’re a real cleaning whiz, it’s hard to keep it all in your head.

And remember always to stay calm when spills happen.  Keep these carpet cleaning tips in mind and make a list of the remedies to more serious spills.  This way, you’ll be able to tackle any spillage that happens and keep it from staining.