Best Shop Vac

Looking for the best shop vac?

The best Shop Vac is the perfect tool to have around the house any time of the year. Fall is the perfect time to use a Shop Vac around the house to clean up those leaves that have blown into the garage or cleaning out the gutters even when the leaves are wet. Perfect for sticking the hose down a clogged gutter drain! But spring and summer offer a huge number of projects that will need a Shop Vac as well.

This one household tool will soon be your favorite for so many reasons. When you need one, you want a good one. But choosing the best Shop Vac for your home or garage can be confusing. So how do I find the best Shop Vac?

When we use them in the garage, we want our Shop Vac to be really heavy duty to pick up the grime that creeps into the garage. When we use our Shop Vac in the house, usually on water I spilled, I want it to have great suction to get up the water. Either way, I want it to have good suction to clean up the messes I make.

I also want it to have a long hose so I don’t have to be pulling around the motor part of the vacuum all the time. But then, I don’t want it to have too much hose. I always seem to get tangled up in too much hose.

You may be interested in a quiet shop vac or one that has a lot of power or won that acts as a blower sweeper. What ever your choice is, the best rated shop vac may be the best to choose from.

All the featured shop vacs here have been hand-picked from top rated home appliances manufacturers that have been around for years providing only the best home care tools. Keep reading to find the perfect shop vac for your home today.

Best wet dry vac under $100

This shop vac holds up to 12 gallons and has a 5hp motor. It has an on board storage area to keep all of the accessories including two extension wands, a blower nozzle, an adapter blower wand, a crevice tool, a car nozzle, an air and noise diffuser, a cartridge filter, and an eight inch utility nozzle to keep even the dirtiest garage clean.

It has a 12 foot long power cord and a seven foot long hose. It is best when using it for blowing saw dust off a work bench or vacuuming car upholstery. This VacMaster can be easily converted to a blower to remove other types of debris making it the best shop vacuum under $100.

vacmasterVacmaster VBV1210 Detachable Blower Wet/Dry Vacuum, 12 Gallon, 5 Peak HP

This product assembles within minutes and it comes with an on board cord wrap. It has a button release to easily convert the vacuum to the blower and an extra large drain port. It large on and off switch is dust sealed. The blower offers quick clean up with blowing air up to 210 mph.

Best wet dry vacuum under $50

This is one of the best rated shop vac available on the market. It received 4 stars from more than 120 Amazon reviewers and it costs about $41. It comes with a 2hp motor and a six foot long hose.

It holds up to 2.5 gallons and has a 10 foot long cord. This shop vac is small enough to carry around without trouble as it is lightweight at 8 pounds. It has a built in noise diffuser and an automatic shut off that help prevent an overflow.

ArmorAll AA255 Utility Wet/Dry VacuumArmorAll AA255 Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum

It is easy to convert to a blower as well. You get two in one with this wet dry vacuum. It comes with various accessories including a crevice tool, a reusable foam sleeve, reusable cloth filter, a utility nozzle, detail brush, blower nozzle, and a deluxe car nozzle. This shop vac is designed to easily clean cars. No assembly is required when you purchase this product.

Popular multi-use shop vac model

This is another one of the best rated shop vac sold on Amazon. It comes with a wall bracket to easily store away. It costs about $113 and is portable. It holds up to five gallons and comes with a 5.5hp motor. It is made in the USA and is lightweight at 21 pounds.

Shop-VacShop-Vac 5872500 5-Gallon, 5.5-Peak HP Heavy Duty Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum with Wall Mount Bracket

It has a 12 foot hose and comes with various accessories including a pick up filter and disposable filter, two extension wands, brush, nozzles such as a claw nozzle, a crevice tool and a squeegee insert. It has a carry handle to easily carry it around. There is a two stage filtering system and it has an elbow grip adapter.

Most popular Shop Vac

This product received 4 stars from Amazon reviewers and it costs about $60. It holds up to six gallons and comes with a 3hp motor. It also comes with a six foot power cord and is fully assembled when you purchase the item. It is made in the USA. It has an on board cord wrap and an accessory holder. It comes with various accessories including three extension wands, a crevice tool, a gulper nozzle, ten inch dry/wet nozzle, a disposable filter bag, and a cartridge filter with a retainer.

popular Shop Vac Shop-Vac 9650600 3.0-Peak HP Pro Series Wet or Dry Vacuum, 6-Gallon

A three year warranty comes with this best rated shop vac. It comes with a rugged plastic container that holds the accessories and a side and top carry handle for easy portability. It has a super quiet housing to keep this shop vac with the minimum amount of noise.

Best Shop vac with a blower

This shop vac comes with a detachable blower. It holds up to 12 gallons and has an easy to reach on and off switch. It comes with a side and top handle that makes it easy to carry this shop vac around as well as a cover for all the parts included. It has an 18 foot power cord and and 8 foot lock on hose. Amazon reviewers gave this item 4.5 stars and it costs about $140.

Shop-Vac 9633400 6.5-Peak HP Ultra Pro Series 12-Gallon Wet or Dry Vacuum with Detachable Blower

It has an on board storage that holds various accessories including a concentrator nozzle, a 120 degree elbow, a utility nozzle, a crevice tool, and a blower nozzle. It has an ergonomic elbow grip and smooth rolling casters as well.

small portable shop vacuums

Get the best wet dry vacuum for the home. Any of these selected shop vacs can provide the best feature perfect for your home.

Keep in mind that you will need to know where and how you will use your shop vac so you will achieve customer satisfaction to your purchase.