Best Range Hood Reviews

Best Range Hood Reviews

A range hood is a big part of your kitchen and something that should be well researched before purchasing. You can find a great deal on range hoods at

In this article we’re going to be showing a buying guide for range hoods and we’re also going to be listing three products that are well worth the money. They all got great reviews. You can trust the Amazon review score to be a really good indication of the overall product quality.

We hope you learn a lot from this article and we put a lot of research into finding you some good products to buy.

Range Hoods Buying Guide

When looking at range hoods, you have to remember that not all manufacturers are making quality products. In fact, there are some really bad range hoods out there that you should stay away from. Knowing this, you should also familiarize yourself with the features that go into a great range hood.

1. Size

The size of the range hood you’re considering should be compatible with your kitchen stove setup. Anywhere from 30″- 40″ is normal size. You should speak with the manufacturer if you have any questions about what size range hood you’ll be needing for your specific kitchen setup.

Professionals will be able to assist you from the company in determining whether or not the range hood you’re considering will be a good fit for your kitchen. Usually, they’ll have you take measurements and report back to them on the phone.

2. Quiet Operating Speed

Most range hoods are pretty quiet when running, and that means less noise stress for you. Look for range hoods that have a quiet operating feature to protect your ears and give you a better overall experience.

3. CFM Rating

You should choose a range hood with a CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) air rating that matches your needs. Some have very powerful blowers that can reach 900 CFM or more. Others are less powerful and quieter. If you don’t have a high amount of heat being generated, then you don’t need as powerful of a CFM. However, if your kitchen gets very hot, then consider a more powerful CFM rating range hood.

4. Electronic Controls

This is a newer feature that is part of many range hood units. It makes changing settings and adjusting the controls easier and more convenient. Some people prefer a manual type switch, while other people are more accustomed to a electronic type setup. It’s really up to you, based on your preference, and doesn’t make a difference as far as the functioning of the hood is concerned.

5. Factory Certified

Most range hood units will be tested at the factory for defects before being packaged for shipping. High quality range hood manufacturers will undergo the testing of their units before they send the product.

6. Manufacturer

The manufacturer of your range hood means a lot. The quality you receive is directly related to who makes the range hood. Some quality makers of range hoods these days are Z Line, Cavaliere, and Broan NuTone. We did a lot of research, read all the reviews, and are listing three products by these companies because they are rated so highly.

7. Amazon Review Score

Doing the appropriate research before jumping into a purchase is one of the best moves you can make. People’s previous experiences with a range hood you’re considering will be listed in the Amazon review section. The better the score, the more likely you will enjoy and get many trouble free years out of the range hood. Take the time to thoroughly read the reviews, it’s well worth it.

Z Line ZLKL30 Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood Review

The Z Line 36″ Stainless Wall Mount Range Hood Pro Series mounts directly to the wall and will provide you with years of trouble free use. Featuring a 4 speed blower system that’s controlled electronically instead of with a manual switch.

This is just another way that range hoods are moving forward in the race for better technology. It’s very easy to install and even has optional chimney extensions available at a low additional cost.

The brushed stainless steel finish looks fantastic in any kitchen, both strong and easy to clean at the same time. With SuperQuiet functionality at 280 CFM, Low Speed 460 CFM, Medium Speed 670 CFM, High Speed 760 CFM. The highest speed offers plenty of power to take hot temperatures up and out of the kitchen, and the lowest speed is super quiet, allowing heat to be dissapated with a noise level that won’t disturb you.

For a limited time with this unit you can get free baffle filters with your purchase of this range hood from Amazon. It’s easily convertible to ductless operation and is overall a high quality, well built range hood.

Product Features:


4 Speed Blower

Stainless Steel Construction

Electronic Control System

280, 460, 670, and 760 CFM Operating Speeds

Free Baffle Filters

Final Analysis:


Free shipping from!

Exceptionally quiet operation is suitable for places that demand a quiet setting

High quality stainless steel construction is as good as it gets!

Affordably priced – Much lower than you’ll find at department stores like Home Depot or Lowes

Makes a great replacement for old hoods or for placement in new kitchens

Comes protected with a bubble of blue plastic that you can easily remove after installation

Prevents backflow from the exterior with a butterfly damper

Installation is easy as 1-2-3.


Only 40 watts of total light, some people think it’s a bit dim

Some people may not like the electronic controls and prefer a manual switch

Broan QS130SS 30 Inch Allure Range Hood Review

Broan Range HoodFor people that don’t need a lot of CFM power with their range hood, but still demand a quality unit that will last for many years, the Broan QS130SS Allure Range Hood is an option. With a size of 30″, it’s your average sized range hood.

However, the performance this unit provides is anything but ordinary. It operates at a super quiet 1.5 sones at the normal setting and moves 220 CFM at the highest speed. A total of two fan speeds coupled with a dual halogen lamp completes the package.

It’s total stainless steel construction makes for a high quality build that’s tough to beat. The hood is full enclosed, making cleaning this unit a snap. It can be installed in a variety of positions without changing the position of the blower, making for a very versatile range hood that’s perfect for smaller kitchens.

Able to be used in ducted and ductless functionality, you can be sure that you’ll get your moneys worth with this product. The rocker switches make changing fan speeds and light control easy, and most people that have bought this product are happy with it. Check the Amazon reviews for yourself! This range hood more than makes the grade!

Product Features:


Two Fan Speeds

Dual Halogen Lamps

Super Quiet Operation

State Of The Art Design

Final Analysis:


Nearly 50 percent quieter than other range hoods in its class!

Super quiet 1.5 – 5.0 sones noise level

Moves 110 – 220 CFM through two fan speeds

Rated very high in the Amazon review section! 4 out of 5 stars across 64 reviews!

Super easy to install

Affordable enough to be an option for most every home

Dual halogen lamps do a great job of lighting the range area

Get a much better deal on this product through Amazon than at retail stores!


Air may recirculate a bit without proper exterior ducting

Light bulbs not included

Cavaliere SV218D-30 30″x 20″ Wall Mount Range Hood Review

CAVALIERE 30" Inch Glass Canopy Range HoodThis Cavaliere range hood is designed with high quality stainless steel construction. It will meet and exceed your expectations by a landslide! With a maximum air flow of 900 CFM and 6 fan speeds, this is indeed one of the most powerful wall mount range hoods out there.

It has electronic controls and a button control panel, making changing speeds and settings easy. Every 30 hours, a cleaning reminder alarm will be activated. There’s an auto shut off system that will help save on power, and this range hood works with two 35 watt dimmable halogen lights.

All the parts on this stainless steel range hood are backed by a 1 year warranty, keeping you safe from factory defects. The included chimney system fits 96″ to 108″ ceilings. A chimney extension system can extend to 120″, even up to the tallest ceilings.

With all these features, it’s easy to see why this product scored so highly in the Amazon reviews.

Product Features:

30″ X 20″ Range Hood

6 Fan Speeds

Cleaning Reminder Alarm

Auto Shut Off System

Two 35 Watt Dimmable Light Fixtures

1 Year Warranty On All Parts

Chimney System

Available Chimney Extension System

Final Analysis:


Very simple to learn how to operate

High air flow at 900 CFM helps dissipate heat from kitchens and keep air circulating

6 fan speeds give you total control over CFM output

High performance at an affordable cost on Amazon!

Filter screens are very easy to take out and clean/reinstall into the unit

Easy to clean the stainless steel exterior

Low speed setting generates very little noise

Many people compliment on the smooth, sleek design of the stainless steel


The lights may be too dim