Best Hot Tub Filters

The Hot Tub Filters + a Few Tips and Tricks

If you are a new owner of, or are considering the purchase of a hot tub (in which case read about the best hot tubs for sale), it is important to educate yourself about hot tub filters. A hot tub filter is an essential component of your spa, which keeps the water clear and keeps the system’s pump running smoothly. It functions by trapping contaminants so that they do not clutter the spa water, or block the drainage system.  While they are similar to pool filters, there are some essential differences in spas and pools.

hot tub filter sizesJust like all other hot tub parts, hot tub filters require regular maintenance in order to function optimally, and to keep the pump system running smoothly. There are a number of methods for cleaning hot tub filters, but regardless of your hot tub filter cartridge system, these regular cleaning guidelines should always be followed: Even in the best Dolphin cleaners the cartridges should be rinsed with a water hose approximately every two weeks.

This simple maintenance procedure will ensure that any excess debris that is compromising the efficacy of the filter or pump is removed.  If you are dealing with portable hot tubs, you’ll find that the filters are easier to deal with, as these hot tubs are usually much smaller.

The hot tub spa filter should be more thoroughly cleaned whenever the spa’s water is changed. Typically, this change should occur every three to four months, but could occur more frequently, depending on the heaviness and frequency of use. With this water change, the filter should be pre-rinsed in the same manner as its by-monthly rinse, and then soaked overnight in a special hot tub filter cleaner compound.

In order to get your hot tub up and running immediately, consider using two hot tub filters on a rotating basis. Rotating the filters out at every water change will allow you to put your spa back into use as soon as possible. It will also allow you to ensure that your filter cleaning is as thorough and effective as possible, since allowing the filter to dry completely after a cleaning will kill of any remaining microorganisms that may have been especially resilient. This process will extend the life and efficacy of your filters considerably.

hot tub filter flosserWhen soaking your filter, you may also have to remove calcium or other mineral scale build-up, depending on the mineral content of your water. There exist special additives for cleaner compounds to specifically deal will this issue that even work on your washing machine and other indoor appliances. There are a number or manual filter cleaning products also available on the market.

For a quicker cleaning process, individuals have the option of purchasing a hot tub filter cleaner that works electronically to spin and scrub the filter. There are also products such as filter flossers that help in the removal of stubborn build-up.

Pool accessories like the hot tub filter flosser make the filter easier to clean.

Other simple ways of keeping your hot tub clean and dirt and bacteria-free, and also a means of extending the life of your hot tub filter, include the application of hot tub chemicals and/or natural water sanitizers, regular pH tests to monitor the acidity and alkalinity of the water level (here’s a great article on how to raise PH if you need it), as well as its chemical content, and the use of additional water supplements.

The easiest measure of all is simply ensuring that when the hot tub is not being used, the cover is always replaced and sealed, in order to avoid the possibility of debris and dirt accumulating on the water’s surface. Hot tub filters should be replaced at least once a year.

There are several different makers of hot tub filters, and which make you choose will necessarily depend upon the type of hot tub you own, the filter’s price, and its efficacy at clearing and filtering your spa water. Because filters are made for every type of spa and pool, before buying, you need to ensure that the filter will be compatible with your system. Three reliable brands are Pleatco hot tub filters, Sundance hot tub filters, and the hot tub filters Unicel brand.

Each of these three brands sells several lines of filters and filter cartridges intended for compatibility with multiple spas and pools, whose pricings range between $20.00 and $100.00 per unit.

Pricing of filters is dependent upon a number of factors. The larger the area of water that needs to be filtered, the higher the price of the filtration system will necessarily be. Different hot tub filters also perform different tasks. For instance, a harder working filter may also include anti-microbial properties, which will, logically, bring its unit selling price up. In order to locate discount hot tub filters, consider purchasing them in bulk quantities. This method will allow you to rotate the filters out during cleanings, as discussed above, and will also reduce the unit price of the individual cartridges.

Another simple way to keep your hot tub clean is to purchase a hot tub cover.  This will just physically block debris from falling in and is another simple method to keeping your hot tub clean.

Your hot tub spa, when maintained properly, provides a unique means of relaxing after a long day’s work, and offers a special attraction during parties and other social gatherings. In order to enjoy the benefits of your home set up, keep your hot tub and the hot tub water clean and well-maintained. A clean, healthy hot tub is well-worth the minimal time and cost involved with regularly cleaning and replacing your hot tub filters.